Diesel-Powered Location Work

Well, regular-gas-powered location work anyway, but what kind of headline is that?  I recently chucked our old battery packs in favor of a smooth-running Honda and life on location has never been better!  I’ve enjoyed the added power, unlimited strobe pops, and even modeling lights (a rare luxury away from AC power).

The current generation of Honda inverter generators, including this “EU 2000i,” are smooth and quiet and put out power fit for delicate photo gear.  It’s a little like having a 4-stroke lawnmower in the background, revving up with each frame, but well worth it.  We found that with long enough extension cords, it’s easy to forget we’re not plugged into a regular outlet.

The set pictured here is powered by a 1200 w/s Speedotron pack, though the Honda seems content to run our usual 2000 w/s set up (with modeling lights, yay!)

It’s an awesome difference over our old battery packs and well worth the added transport weight….

So: Say “No” to lithium on the set, “Yes” to Gasoline!

Thanks, Jamie, for a snazzy “Behind-the-Scenes” shot of the new machine in action.

Also, to be fair, were it not for a very good deal and my slight bias for red equipment, we would be running a Yamaha.  They’ve got a pretty killer lineup of photo-appropriate machines, but in blue.

2 Responses to “Diesel-Powered Location Work”
  1. Robert says:

    That is neato to use generators on the job! I been looking into this. Do you think, that just one of those could power two 2400ws packs from speedotron?

    I see you like Speedotron! Great tank like stuff!

    • Matt Beardsley says:

      It really is nice to have the constant power of a generator vs. the limited power of a battery. I love this Honda, too, it’s relatively quiet and very dependable. it’s nice that it will run practically all day on a gallon of gas. To answer your question, though, 2 2400W packs is way to much for this little guy. You’d be looking at a much bigger generator for that kind of draw. I’ve used this one with a 1200W Speedotron pack and with the combination of a 1200W pack and 800W monolight, but that’s pushing it. A rough rule of thumb, they say, is to double the strobe watts to pick a generator, as in use a 2400W generator to power a 1200W strobe pack. you’d be looking at either using two generators or one significantly bigger one.

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