8 Cool Filters from NIK Color Effects Pro 3.0

Adobe Photoshop is not a simple program.  In fact, it’s a shockingly complex program.  I think back to high school and my first encounter with Photoshop and wonder why I ever went into digital photography.  Yet, complexity aside, it’s awesome what can be done to innocent pixels via this unique ark of software.  Why further complicate things with added plug-ins?  NIK Software offers a lot of compelling reasons, many of which can be found in their powerful Photoshop plug-in and monster filter bundle, Color Effects Pro 3.0.

Many of the 52 included filters – which include things like “Film Grain,” “Fog,” and “Foliage” – are very useful and, unlike so much in the Photoshop universe, intuitive and easy to use.  I very often use a layer or six of NIK effects at some opacity or another, and many of the filters are really cool, straight up (if you’re in a hurry or dealing in high-volume shooting.)  What makes the program applicable, as a digital art tool, is that all the filters are equipped with enough control and flexibility to apply to a wide variety of images and applications.  Also, combined with Photoshop’s native plethora of masking and blending tools, NIK is sure to find application in anyone’s Filter pull-down menu, sub-menu: NIK Software.  I would, with no endorsement from NIK, highly recommend experimenting with a 30-day trial.

As a visual introduction, and a very small sample of the many looks possible, I’ve run a location portrait shot through 8 NIK CEP 3 filters, and presented them, at 100% opacity, next to the original, straight-from-Lightroom image.  All the filters shown here have a whole palate of sliders, so each image is only one of many looks available, but, even still, some of the plug-in’s flexibility should come through, even at tiny Web size… check it out:

1: B/W Conversion:

2: Bleach Bypass:

3: Brilliance/Warmth:

4: Cross Processing:

5: Dynamic Skin Softener

6: Glamour Glow

7: Monday Morning

8: Skylight Filter

Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 – complete edition at B&H Photo Video

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