A Useful New E-mail Marketing Affiliate: Constant Contact

I’m grateful to the various sponsors who have made Photo Arts Monthly a possibility.   We’re fortunate to have a portfolio of advertisers and affiliate partners who all offer something of value to you, our dear readers.   Uniquely, all of our affiliate relationships began as trusted vendors for my studio.   Most of the banner ads you see around our pages are served by Google (though all the spaces are also for direct sale).

Our newest affiliate, Constant Contact, is a company offering – among other services – online tools to manage e-mail lists, newsletters, and campaigns.  They make it an easy task and offer very clear tools for readers to subscribe and unsubscribe. For my photography studio, I use constant contact to host a “Join my e-mail list” button on my portfolio page, maintain a list of contacts, format and send quarterly mass e-mailings, and to track how many are opened, read, or have links clicked.  Currently, I’m paying $15 a month.  Last week, I ran a location studio during a large birthday party.  During the event, I collected names and e-mails via a custom iPad spreadsheet, uploaded the list to Constant Contact, dropped the gallery link into a template along with a 10%-off coupon and quick thank you note, and scheduled the note to send early the following morning.  The next day, I logged in to learn that 68% of the list had opened the e-mail, 100% of them had followed the link, 0 e-mails went to spam folders, and only 1 bounced back as undeliverable.  Very useful!

It’s a dodgy area, to be certain.  There is, after all, that word that starts with “S” and ends with “PAM”.  Services like these must allow clear and easy (and sad) unsubscribing to take the sneak out of mass mailing.  Certain strategies, also, help minimize the spam-factor of mass e-mailing: always use clear contact info of a real person, a real physical address, and always generate worth-while content.

I feel good about it, because it’s nice to be sending fewer printed mailers, and only sending messages to people who want to be hearing from me.  If they’re not interested, it’s a quick unsubscribe and the whole process was faster than tossing a printed mailer and ending a phone call in a civil manner.  Do you have a preferred way to stay in contact with current and potential clients?  Join our Facebook page to share your thoughts…

In the meantime, here’s a big, fat, clickable ad for Constant Contact, the newest affiliate for Photo Arts Monthly!  As with other affiliates, our fledgling publication receives important financial support when you use links from our site to make your purchases, and this is certainly one for every small business to consider:

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

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