LTO Tape, A Data Storage Solution for the Modern Multimedia Artist

At some level, photographers and videographers in this modern era are simply data collectors, journeying about our metro areas to bring home the bits. And, on so many sad days, we are no more than data processors: ingesting, tweaking, and delivering the good gigabytes (and, perhaps, the occasional paper product). So what happens to the gigabytes once the goods are delivered? Ideally... Read More

The Canon Selphy CP800, A pocket-size dye-sub printer for go-anywhere photo printing

Travel, Shoot, Print; Portable Mini Photo Printers Call me crazy, but I think these little guys are a very cool thing.  With Photo Arts Monthly, we hope to have created a magazine experience that’s interesting for the professional and high-end image makers among us.  So why spend time with a $75 photo printer like this, the Canon Selphy CP800?  Because there is still,... Read More

Green Photo Printing from Hahnemuhle, Sugar Cane and Bamboo 290

Hahnemühle, maker of high-end photo paper, has a long history.  One brochure from the company reads “The Art of Expression Since 1584” and goes on to point out that the founding date is 10 years prior to the writing of Romeo and Juliet and 93 years before ice cream became popular (which, FYI, happened in 1677).  How has the company handled the modern era of the pigment... Read More

Printing with Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas

The Trouble With Canvas Ink jet canvas?  Yes, it can be a cheesy photo presentation, like something out of a cheap Miami motel.  Also, lesser canvases have given the medium a bad name with poor shadow reproduction and drastic texture that all but obliterates fine detail.  Last year, I ran through a roll of Canon’s Graphic Matte Canvas that I wouldn’t recommend for... Read More

Hasselblad Phocus Workflow Software

Hasselblad Phocus & the H4D Digital Workflow Deciding to buy in to a medium format camera system involves more than cameras and lenses.  In the case of Phase One/Mamiya and Hasselblad, going big includes delving into exciting proprietary software.  Phase One makes the excellent Capture One software while Hasselblad offers – as a free download – the relatively new Phocus... Read More

The Arrival of Ink Jet Metallic Paper

Red River Paper, 66 lb Polar Pearl Metallic, Metallic Paper for Inkjet Printers Digital fine art printing is the new darkroom, to be sure.  It is an art and a craft and it is certainly exciting when a useful new tool is introduced to the ever-growing market.  “Metallic Paper” meanwhile, has a history as a compelling alternative to traditional paper, at times quirky... Read More

8 Cool Filters from NIK Color Effects Pro 3.0

Adobe Photoshop is not a simple program.  In fact, it’s a shockingly complex program.  I think back to high school and my first encounter with Photoshop and wonder why I ever went into digital photography.  Yet, complexity aside, it’s awesome what can be done to innocent pixels via this unique ark of software.  Why further complicate things with added plug-ins?  NIK... Read More

The Gamut Workflow Juggle

What a difference a profile can make

The effects of profiling It’s been another mad scientist day in the studio and as a warning, this is a very nerdy entry!  Left with no options, I recently upgraded our computer monitor and have been reworking the calibration of our capture-process-output workflow.  No options were left, because my slightly-past-warrantee Apple Cinema Display died, and projects were already piled... Read More