Portrait Shoot with Painter, David Nyquist

Artist, David Nyquist, Oakland, CA, November 13, 2010 It’s a fun, if intimidating process, to set up a portrait of a fellow artist.  It might be that a corporate executive wouldn’t be interested in the process or subtleties of photography, but a painter is very likely to appreciate the power of light and composition.  I’ve been spending time with Arnold Newman’s... Read More

Baby Takes Flight

Baby Matt Takes Flight  Read More

A Group Photo for Teach For America’s Alumni Magazine, One Day

Oakland, CA Alumni, for Teach For America’s One Way Magazine On a recent shoot, I had the joy to meet a number of Teach for America alumni.  It was a group photo for the current issue of the organization’s alumni magazine and a fun project.  The subjects are people who’ve had a unique and positive impact on Oakland’s education system.  I worked with the... Read More

Urban Portrait Shoot, Rev. Harry Williams, Author, Minister, & Street Evangelist

Rev. Harry Williams, Minister at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, CA and author of  Straight Outta East Oakland. Rev. Harry is a unique figure in the infamous neighborhood of East Oakland.  He’s a saint, and has made a profession of working to improve lives in the impoverished community.  He’s a minister at Oakland’s Allen Temple Baptist Church and... Read More

Portrait Shoot, Rudy de Vos, Music Director at Christ Our Light Cathedral, Oakland, CA

Rudy de Vos, Music Director at Christ Our Light Cathedral, Oakland CA A joy of photography is the people you meet.  Rudy is an inspiring musician working for Oakland’s beautiful new Cathedral on the salty shores of Lake Merritt.  He’s an eloquent master of the organ, and a soft-spoken man with an ambitious vision for the artistic future of our city.  He is new to... Read More

(Long Overdue) Wedding Portfolio Update

Matt Beardsley Photo Wedding Photography, online at http://beardsleyphoto.com As a side of the business I take for granted, I have to admit to not updating my wedding photography portfolio nearly as often as I should.  I’m happy to say that the site is finally fresh and up-to-date!  I’ve been fortunate to be part of many beautiful events this summer, entrusted with... Read More

Capoeira Motion Study

4 years and another World Cup, it’s hard not think about Brazil and then about Capoeira, the traditional dance martial art.  I was fortunate to have an opportunity to photograph members of a Capoeira school in Oakland recently.  It’s awesome what these guys can do, and with such musical grace.  After much deliberation in Photoshop, I think the images look best straight... Read More

Coming Soon, A Whole New Agency

The Photo Cooperative, online at http://thephotocooperative.com I’m excited to be launching a new photo agency, in fact, a whole new Way of doing a photo agency.  We’re off to a humble start, with 6 artists in diverse fields of professional imagery, but are officially online!  I set out to gather artists to cover a wide range of styles and offer us all to professional... Read More

Who Owns the Color Magenta?

  The color magenta, depending on your color settings I was disturbed to read, on the back cover of a recent Newsweek, that the color magenta is no longer public property. “T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekon AG,” that’s what I read at the bottom of a friendly looking ad featuring Whoopi Goldberg. Holy Cow, I feel – perhaps –... Read More