Introduction: The Profoto Acute 2R 1200

Introduction The first thing a photographer is likely to notice about the Profoto Acute 2R 1200 pack is its tiny size.  This is a little pack, especially for one with 1200 W/s, 6 stops of adjustment range, and the ability — according to my informal tests — to fire consistently at up to 11 frames per second (at its lowest power setting).  It feels beefy, very well constructed,... Read More

Quick Review: ChronoSync, Easy, Automatic Studio Backup

Do you remember the last time you did backups on your computer files?  You opened two finder windows, dragging one folder after another between windows.  Or the last time you tried to remember if the files on your laptop were more current than the ones on your desktop?  Do you remember that time you “thought” you did a backup of one disk in preparation of reformatting it... Read More

Online Proofing with Zenfolio

Zenfolio, Online Print/Proof/Download Service, I spent a good deal of time, both in paid experiments and 30-day trials, searching for the right online service for my studio’s Client Interface Page.  I have pretty specific needs and very high expectations, and Zenfolio was the first service that really worked for me.  I think it is slick and professional,... Read More

The Speedotron 202VF Strobe Head

I thought I’d take a time to share some of my experience with one of my favorite tools, the Speedotron 202VF.  I’ve had four of them for two years and have used them primarily for location photography though for a good deal of studio shooting too.  Speedotron sells a variety of heads and monolights, the 202VF being the most modern head for use with a separate pack.... Read More

Tethered Shooting Comes to Adobe Lightroom

Tethered Shooting Comes to Adobe Lightroom At last Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Beta 2 is delivering tethered shooting.  Since Lightroom’s introduction, I have never been as pumped about a new feature.  So Long Nikon Camera Control!  So Long Auto-Import and Watched Folders!  Finally, like Phase One’s Capture One, Lightroom is now a full-featured piece of studio software.... Read More

Diesel-Powered Location Work

Well, regular-gas-powered location work anyway, but what kind of headline is that?  I recently chucked our old battery packs in favor of a smooth-running Honda and life on location has never been better!  I’ve enjoyed the added power, unlimited strobe pops, and even modeling lights (a rare luxury away from AC power). The current generation of Honda inverter generators, including... Read More