On location with the Phase One IQ180

Introduction The Phase One 645DF and the IQ180 medium format system is a serious camera system for a serious photographer.  A full frame 80 megapixel digital back offers unparalleled image quality.  The 645DF and the IQ180 combine to make a beast of a camera, and currently is the top of the line in single-capture resolution.  The camera is based on an open architecture, meaning that the camera can accept a variety of digital backs and lenses.  It is a system that can grow... Read More

Wedding Photography and the New Canon 5D Mark III

A familiar high ISO torture test with the Canon 5D Mark III Click here to rent the Canon 5D mark II from BorrowLenses! Click here to check pricing and availability of the Canon 5D mark III at B&H The Canon 5D Mark III has finally arrived.  Is it a worthy successor to the 5D Mark II, or is this just a re-branding of a beloved camera system offering little payout for the updated pocketbook pricetag? I finally got my hands on a 5D Mark III for the weekend (a way too short weekend)... Read More

Canon Updates The Cult Classic 5D Series

Canon Announces Canon 5D Mark III So we have it, the long-awaited announcement of the new Canon 5D Mark III. Canon’s surprise smash hit 5D2 had a glorious run, achieving fame and infamy by inventing DSLR video capture in all its excitement and distress and, oh yeah, being a pretty fine photographic camera to boot. The 5D2 has become a widespread industry standard for portraits and events and this update will keep it in the game. Much needed on the old camera? Better... Read More

Field Test: The Profoto Acute2 Ring Flash

Introduction: Ring flashes, in their various forms, are a unique way to illuminate a subject and perhaps none more frequently represents the strange breed than the Profoto Acute 2 Ring Flash.  It’s a big, sturdy donut of a light, designed to surround a camera lens, throwing intense and even light on a subject, seemingly from the lens itself.  Ring lighting creates unique effects with shadows and highlights and has been used to great effect by a range of photographers. ... Read More

The Canon Selphy CP800, A pocket-size dye-sub printer for go-anywhere photo printing

Travel, Shoot, Print; Portable Mini Photo Printers Call me crazy, but I think these little guys are a very cool thing.  With Photo Arts Monthly, we hope to have created a magazine experience that’s interesting for the professional and high-end image makers among us.  So why spend time with a $75 photo printer like this, the Canon Selphy CP800?  Because there is still, even in 2011, something special about the tangible products of our bits-and-bytes passion, and super... Read More

Anne Hamersky and Farm Together Now

I’m happy to have Anne Hamersky as our February featured artist.  Anne is an editorial photographer in San Francisco and provided the visual content for the new book, Farm Together Now. I’ve been fortunate to have her input on projects of my own and have always benefitted by her visual wisdom and experience.  She has a vibrant, honest, and clear visual style and is passionate about conveying the narrative and virtue of her subjects.  I’m excited to have her... Read More