Interview: Jeff Kauck, Food Photographer

It doesn’t take long talking to food photographer, Jeff Kauck, to detect his passion for art, light, and photography.  His studio is lit with two giant windows, one facing North, one East.  During our conversation, talk quickly arrives at the finesse of light and color in classic painting.  Jeff explains the concept of Color Lift: “You take a white cup and saucer outside, the shadow is blue, the sunlit highlights are yellow, opposite colors.  With a warm light... Read More

Image Quality and the Mamiya RZ33 (aka: the DM33 and Leaf Aptus-II 7)

Introduction In two previous articles, I discussed both the features and market position of the Mamiya RZ33 (Introduction: The Mamiya RZ33) and the ergonomics of using the big camera in the field (On Location with the Mamiya RZ33).  As is often the case with big cameras and perhaps the most sophisticated gear of any discipline, it’s the results that make the added complexity worth the extra effort.  The Big Mamiya is no exception, with generous doses of both complexity... Read More

Who Owns the Color Magenta?

  The color magenta, depending on your color settings I was disturbed to read, on the back cover of a recent Newsweek, that the color magenta is no longer public property. “T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekon AG,” that’s what I read at the bottom of a friendly looking ad featuring Whoopi Goldberg. Holy Cow, I feel – perhaps – the way Native Americans must have felt as invaders claimed to own parcels of the great outdoors. ... Read More