LTO Tape, A Data Storage Solution for the Modern Multimedia Artist

At some level, photographers and videographers in this modern era are simply data collectors, journeying about our metro areas to bring home the bits. And, on so many sad days, we are no more than data processors: ingesting, tweaking, and delivering the good gigabytes (and, perhaps, the occasional paper product). So what happens to the gigabytes once the goods are delivered? Ideally – and as highlighted by advertising material like this: Chase Jarvis TECH, Complete Workflow... Read More

Review: OWC’s RAID Box, Looks like a Mac Pro (runs like one too)

The Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 4 TB RAID Enclosure from Other World Computing Introduction Last month, we discussed the very popular and oh-so-easy data backup machine, the Drobo from Data Robotics (reviewed here).  This month, I’m happy to be featuring a robust product from a favorite vendor, Other World Computing.  The company is deeply nerdy and uniquely dedicated to Mac computing peripherals and supercharging, under-the-hood toys like the 12 GB of RAM in my studio Mac... Read More