Interview: Fashion Photographer, Chiun-Kai Shih; A Pep Talk from Photography’s Phantom Chunkalizer

Introduction: This month, I’m happy to have New York’s Chiun-Kai Shih as our featured artist.  When pressed to describe himself, the photographer, art director, editor, and TV personality doesn’t use any of those words, just one: “Chunky”.  His nickname and identity is consistent with a fun-loving, dedicated commercial artist.  He has a recognizably intense approach to color and is, by all accounts, a rising star in the world of fashion photography.... Read More

The Creative Reality of Rus Anson

Editor’s Note: Our second featured artist for February is a photographer I deeply respect.  Rosanna brings a deep and practiced commitment to her work.  She skillful works out ideas, from conception to finished print with close attention to detail.  We first met while both studying in the MFA Photography department at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Much more of her work can be found on her Website: History, With a Twist “Some of my fashion... Read More