Fujifilm introduces a little brother to the X100, the new X10

The Fujifilm X10 Fujifilm announced today a new little brother to the excellent Fujifilm X100 (reviewed here).  The camera is smaller, but bears a certain family resemblance, including old school metal parts and a real ring on the lens barrel.  Missing, when compared to the larger X100, are that camera’s Leica-inspired manual exposure controls, cool hybrid viewfinder, and larger sensor.  Exposure can, however, be manually controlled via the X10’s rear control... Read More

Introduction: The Fujifilm X100

Introduction In a strange twist from the globalized world of digital imaging, Fujifilm, one-time maker of zesty film has launched one of photography’s most compelling successors to to history’s iconic Leica rangefinders of the 35mm film era.  How many of those German cameras at one time or another loaded with Fuji Velvia, Astia, or Provia?  No matter, Fuji is back in the game with a tough little rangefinder built around classic Fuji color philosophy and the camera... Read More

Photography on ‘Roids

Polaroids, that is.  I’m bringing them back, or at least taking advantage of the efforts the good people at FujiFilm are making to bring them back.  Last year saw the end of the Polaroid company’s timeless instant film, but then was born from the ashes the FujiFilm Instax system. I bought one recently, the Instax 200, for $40 and started churning out instant floppy prints like back in the day. Read More  Read More