Wedding Photography and the New Canon 5D Mark III

A familiar high ISO torture test with the Canon 5D Mark III Click here to rent the Canon 5D mark II from BorrowLenses! Click here to check pricing and availability of the Canon 5D mark III at B&H The Canon 5D Mark III has finally arrived.  Is it a worthy successor to the 5D Mark II, or is this just a re-branding of a beloved camera system offering little payout for the updated pocketbook pricetag? I finally got my hands on a 5D Mark III for the weekend (a way too short weekend)... Read More

Nikon’s New Proline, The D4 and D800

Two Cameras to Rule The World A somewhat dry, but eerie story ran today on  The story, Nikon Gains After Raising Forecast on Cameras, relates the company’s intention to up profits by a huge margin.  It appears the company plans to earn $939 million before March 2013.  The story continues, emphasizing the new line of mirrorless cameras.  Nikon is on the move, with new products up and down the cost scale.  That includes, for the first time in a long... Read More

The Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II

The telephoto zoom, 80-200mm and, more recently 70-200mm, is a standard lens for most professional photographers.  It’s a standard go-to lens for wedding and portrait photographers and a useful tool for many commercial photographers too.  It’s a lens all 35mm camera manufacturers take seriously and update often, and they’re expensive. Nikon’s newest version, the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 ED VR II, is awesome.  It’s bigger and better than any previous version with... Read More