Wedding Photography and the New Canon 5D Mark III

A familiar high ISO torture test with the Canon 5D Mark III Click here to rent the Canon 5D mark II from BorrowLenses! Click here to check pricing and availability of the Canon 5D mark III at B&H The Canon 5D Mark III has finally arrived.  Is it a worthy successor to the 5D Mark II, or is this just a re-branding of a beloved camera system offering little payout for the updated pocketbook pricetag? I finally got my hands on a 5D Mark III for the weekend (a way too short weekend)... Read More

Green Photo Printing from Hahnemuhle, Sugar Cane and Bamboo 290

Hahnemühle, maker of high-end photo paper, has a long history.  One brochure from the company reads “The Art of Expression Since 1584” and goes on to point out that the founding date is 10 years prior to the writing of Romeo and Juliet and 93 years before ice cream became popular (which, FYI, happened in 1677).  How has the company handled the modern era of the pigment ink jet printer?  By making very elegant, substantial-feeling papers, that tend towards a textured... Read More