Preview: The Phase One IQ180 80MP Digital Back, and the new IQ line

Introduction With the introduction of the new Phase One IQ180 80 MP digital back, Phase One has unleashed an impressive new tool for professional photographers. The Phase One IQ line is scheduled to include three digital camera backs by this summer, the 80 MP IQ180, the 60.5 MP IQ160, and the 40MP IQ140.  The top two are both full-frame 645, the 40 MP version is a familiar crop (32.9×43.9 mm).  All three offer Phase One’s unique Sensor+ system, that cuts resolution... Read More

The Creative Reality of Rus Anson

Editor’s Note: Our second featured artist for February is a photographer I deeply respect.  Rosanna brings a deep and practiced commitment to her work.  She skillful works out ideas, from conception to finished print with close attention to detail.  We first met while both studying in the MFA Photography department at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Much more of her work can be found on her Website: History, With a Twist “Some of my fashion... Read More

Introduction: The Mamiya RZ33

Editor’s Note: I’m grateful to several people for our Mamiya demo equipment: to Ray Olson of Mac Group for the RZ33 body and digital back as well as our demo 110mm f2.8 lens; to Pro Camera Rental & Supply for our demo 50mm f 4.5 and AE prism finder.  Mac Group is Mamiya’s exclusive U.S. distributor and Pro Camera is San Francisco’s finest rental shop for professional cameras and lighting gear.  Also, thank you to San Francisco photographer, Larry... Read More

On Location with the Hasselblad H4D-40

The Hasselblad H4D-40, Medium Format DSLR, Part 2 My first encounter with medium format digital photography was during an MFA class, “Advanced Digital Capture”.  The camera, a Hasselblad H1 with a Leaf digital back, was a complex machine, capable of creating big image files, but only with patience, practice, and a bit of professional training.  The back operated tethered to a computer and operation was most comfortably a two-person job. Since those days, much has changed... Read More

Image Quality and the Hasselblad H3DII-31

The Hasselblad H3DII-31 When compared to more nimble 35mm cameras there are certain compromises to shooting a big 645 DSLR.  It often operates more slowly, with less flexibility of exposure and focus, and – in most cases – it’s more cumbersome.  Is the added complexity and added cost worth it?  Do the trade-offs pay off once the files hit the hard drives and big TIFFs go to print? Why race a Station Wagon and a Super Car? I’ve been thinking through questions... Read More

Entry-Level Digital Medium Format and the $10k Hasselblad H3DII-31

The Mighty Hassleblad H3DII-31 Update, July 2011: Since the time of this writing, Hasselblad has replaced the H3DII-31 with the updated H4D-31.  The new camera uses the same digital back bundled to the H4D camera body, which adds Hasselblad’s True Focus system.  The new camera can be found at Samy’s Camera here.  Readers may also be interested in our review of the H4D-40 here. [I want to offer a Huge thanks to Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto and Hasselblad genius... Read More

Suburban Runner

A capture from a recent shoot in Oakland.  Laurie & Ziggy were heroic, running up and down the steepest part of the street for 45 minutes…  Also, a streamlined 1-head White Lighting kit saved the day (the “big pack” is in the shop with a fried sync plug).  The single light and relatively dinky umbrella make for pretty unsophisticated lighting, but work well to give this image a heavy dose of dramatic contrast.  Also, using a low-powered monolight made for an... Read More

Diesel-Powered Location Work

Well, regular-gas-powered location work anyway, but what kind of headline is that?  I recently chucked our old battery packs in favor of a smooth-running Honda and life on location has never been better!  I’ve enjoyed the added power, unlimited strobe pops, and even modeling lights (a rare luxury away from AC power). The current generation of Honda inverter generators, including this “EU 2000i,” are smooth and quiet and put out power fit for delicate photo gear.  It’s... Read More

Photography on ‘Roids

Polaroids, that is.  I’m bringing them back, or at least taking advantage of the efforts the good people at FujiFilm are making to bring them back.  Last year saw the end of the Polaroid company’s timeless instant film, but then was born from the ashes the FujiFilm Instax system. I bought one recently, the Instax 200, for $40 and started churning out instant floppy prints like back in the day. Read More  Read More